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Socialite Zari Hassan has unveiled yet another new photo of her daddy as seen on her Instagram story!

Although it is no secret that Zari Hassan and father never really had a close relationship; the 40 year old continues to appreciate him despite their ugly past especially now that he is the only surviving parent she has.

Through her Instagram page, the lady recently went on to share a never seen before photo of her daddy; which she captioned,

My Taliban chief Oga. Paps out here looking like… 😬

Zari’s father

Zari’s relationship with dad

In the past Zari once revealed that she did not grow up around her dad due to family issues that saw her parents separate. However this not new even in the entertainment industry because most celebrities seem to have been raised by single parents.

However as for Zari, this did not affect how she views her papa considering the fact that his issues were with their late mum; and not his children!

From the photo above we have every reason to believe that she has since moved her old man to South Africa; where all the Hassan sisters also happen to have relocated to!

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