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Prepress Specialist

Desk Top Productions Limited 


PrePress and Digital Printing manager at DeskTop Productions Limited

Prepress technicians set the foundation for successful printing production. technician take print or electronic files, import them into specialized software, making color, text, and digital image corrections as needed. They set up printing presses to produce film, plate or electronic proofs.

Duties of the Job 

1.   Receive files from designer, client service or online store with Job Ticket and Approved Print out.

2.   Check all the details / specifications as per job ticket 

3.   Correct errors of colors (RGB/CMYK), Bleed, Over Print, Size, page sequence when applicable. 

4.    Return artwork/job ticket which wrong details which cannot be changed or can be done by designer / client having original artwork.

5.    Coordinate with Production manager regarding requirements of jobs. 

6.    As agreed with production manager impose artworks for printing according to paper size and finishing requirements.

7.    Make imposed printouts of work.

8.    Send file to Digital Press, direct CTP or send out (outsource) to get CTP Plates.


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