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Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Mbea Juma Lokole Afichua Siri Bifu la Sallam SK na Harmonize

Diamond Platnumz and his family are known to use Juma Lokole for their dirty online work; and as much as they also try to hide this, Lokole always ends up making it look so obvious.

Anyway, just a few hours ago the Dangote’s spokesperson lost his cool after fans called out Sallam; for ignoring Harmonize while attending Babu Tale’s late wife’s burial in morogoro.

As seen on the video making rounds on social media, Sallam clearly did not want anything to do with Harmonize; however dragging the beef to a funeral was a low move for Sallam who is way older than Konde boy!

Anyway thanks to a post shared by Juma Lokole; we now understand why Sallam and his former artists no longer see eye. Apparently some time back, the two bumped into each other at a bank in Dar Es Salaam; but Harmonize refused to greet Sallam embarrassing him in front of many people.
Lokole justifies Sallam’s actions

For this reason, Lokole says Sallam is not to be blamed for what he did considering people know nothing about the ongoing beef.

This post has however since been deleted due to the harsh comments left by fans who went on to shame Diamond Platnumz and his entire team. In his post Lokole talked about Harmonize being fake and since we understand Lokole is loyal to Diamond Platnumz, he wrote;

Lokole’s deleted post about Harmonize and Sallam

Most fans referred to him ‘Yuda’ Judas Iscariot for fueling the beef between Harmonize and his management; yet these are grown men can solve their issues off social media.

However being a gossip blogger; Lokole’s aim must have been to pass down the message to those hating on Sallam however things did not workout as planned

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