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Friday, 14 July 2017

How to Find a Summer Job: 7 Tips

Finding a summer job is not difficult; there's always a demand for workers, particularly in the more popular holiday resorts. Here are some tips.

Summer is a rewarding time for job seekers, and especially for younger people. Many resorts need help during the summer months. Particularly those tourist destinationswhich receive the most visitors.

So if you are looking for a summer job there are plenty of opportunities, but you need to be shrewd to find the right one! Here are some tips on getting it right!
Finding a summer job: the top tips
Decide what you want to do: the first thing to realise is that the best summer jobs are in some way related to the tourist industry. Barman, lifeguard, waiter, and activities organiser are the most popular choices.
Learn to sell yourself: if you’re young and you don’t have much experience, that’s not a problem. Try your best to sell yourself, but without lying. Show that you’re keen to work and are not afraid of working long hours. That’s your trump card.
Be careful about the pay: find out what the minimum rate is that you should accept. While one generally assumes that people act in good faith, your employer may not be wholly honest, especially if you just have a seasonal contract.
Consider working abroad: if you want to do a summer or seasonal job, consider the idea of ​​going abroad. You could work, learn a new language and meet new people. That turns the whole idea into something more inspiring.
Look for a job involving contact with people: if your aim is to earn some money but also to meet people who might offer you a job in the future, try to find work that will allow you to build up a network of contacts.
Be prepared for a hard time: although others are having a summer holiday by the sea, you’ll have to work and you may well feel too tired to go out in the evenings. If you accept that from the start, you won’t have regrets later.
Make friends with your colleagues: both because they are your lifeline if you have to change shifts, and because a friendly, interesting working environment makes everything seem easier.

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