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Friday, 14 July 2017

How to Become a Designer

Many people would dearly love to be a designer, but how can you become a professional and get started in this career? Here's what to do.
If you’re looking at a fashion or furnishing magazine, or simply browsing through a newspaper, and you stop to examine the design of every item on every page, that means only one thing! Your dream job is that of the designer.

It is a very desirable and inventive career, involving new and challenging situations. But how do you become a designer?
Becoming a designer: what you need to know

It is no longer easy to give a precise definition of the designer’s role. Artists, architects, and engineers can all be part of this profession. Today’s designer can be involved in a very broad spectrum of activities, but to become an expert in this sector you have to undertake specific training.

There are special courses, undergraduate degrees and master’s degrees for those who want to pursue a career as a designer. They are offered by the top specialist art schools. These are just a few examples of the educational courses you can take, but there is no precise route to follow.

Today’s designer works in companies, using a human-centred approach and trying to create an environment which is both stylish and functional.

Once you have completed one of the above study, there are then specific, specialist courses you can follow. Among these are courses in interior design, car design and Italian product design. In any event, today’s designer no longer works freelance. He is an employee within a company and works closely with the client commissioning the job.

It is important for a designer to have empathy and patience, as well as a good deal of courage. Trial and error lies at the heart of the creative process leading the designer to produce something that is original and successful.

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